Thursday, 3 December 2015

Maths Challenge

My Reflection

This is my maths challenge that I did with my best friends Nadia and Ella.
It was really hard because we couldn't find a way to solve the problems but at the end we got it.
My next step is to solve harder problems than this.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Weekends

In the weekends I went swimming with my whole family because it was so sunny and hot.

First we went to the receptionist and told her that only me, my sister Anamika and my baby sister Aaradhna were going to swim.  I was so exited.  My baby sister Aaradhna had to get a swimming nappy.

Next we went to the female changing room with our mum.  First I couldn't find my togs and I had to look through my whole bag.  It turned out that my togs were inside my towel which I didn't see.

Then we went out and told our dad that we were changed.  He said we could go in the pools now.

Soon were inside the pool.  Anamika and Aaradhna went in the baby pool and I went in the big pool.  It was a bit cold  but I could manage it.

Later on I called my dad and watch me.  I showed him a few tricks.  He said they were really cool and took some photographs of me doing some tricks in the swimming pool.

Finally my dad said we needed to go home cause we had to have lunch at home.  I got changed and asked my dad if I could have a ice cream and he said yes.  I felt happy and fresh.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

End Of Year Refletion

My Reflection

  • This year I learned how to link.
  • An important decision I made this year was to complete my goal
  • One goal I accomplished this year was making more friends
  • This year I tried to be a better person by helping others.
  • My favorite memory from this year was when I went to Motat with my class.
  • The funniest thing that happened this year was when a boy in my class did funny things.

The Best thing

My Reflection

This is the best thing I enjoyed this year.
I really loved the book fair because I love reading.
Last time there was a book fair, and I got to get a book called All you need to know about space.

Letter To My Next Year's Teacher

My Reflection

This is a letter to my next year's teacher.

I don't actually know her name but I still have written the letter.

I hope I do SDL leaning in her class.

I hope I am with my friend ellla in my next year's class

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Teachers

My Reflection

In this class I have 2 lovely and beautiful teachers who always support me and my other class mates.  

They are he best teachers ever.  

If you are in there class next year then be sure to be kind to them like they are to you.

Things I Did This Year

My Reflection

This year in room 28/29 I did lots of fun stuff things with my lovely fun teachers  called Mrs Melville and Mrs Graham.  

I enjoyed doing all these stuff. 

 I hope that I'm in this class next year because this class does lots and lots of fun stuff and also you get to do SDL learning.

How To Make A Milkshake

Probability With Yatzee

My Reflection 

I am learning about Probability.
It was easy to play the game called Yahtzee because Mrs Melville told me and the other kids how to play the game.
It was hard to answer the question because I don't know much about Probability. 
My next step is to do more work on Probabilty.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I was learning about fractured fairy tales.
It was easy to come up with a story to write.
It was hard to add detail.
My next step is to add more detail.

My Weekends

My Weekends

In the weekends I went to the park, with my mum , my sisters and my brother.  My aunty who lives next door to us came with her two sons too.  We have a park near our house so we can go there any time we want to.  My mum doesn't let me go by myself because she says that " you always need to have an adult with you. 

First my aunty gave all of the kids juices which were  really yummy.  I got a red one.  It was my favorite flavor.  I also got to have two.

Next we went on the swings there were only four swings and we were 6 people so my baby sister and I got of and my cousin and my baby brother sat on the swings.

Then we went on the slide.  We all wanted to go at the same time but there wasn't t much space, so we all went one bye one.  When it was my turn to go down the slide I got ready for my turn when suddenly my mum said, ''take your brother with you'' so I went with my baby brother because he is only one and he is scared of going down the slide alone.

After that we all  went on the seesaw but I didn't, because it's kind of like  for  babies.  So only my 2 sisters and my cousins went on it.  I went on the flying fox it's my favorite thing at the park.  I can do it with one hand.

Later on we all played some games together like soccer , tag , stuck in the mud , hide an seek and a few other games we had lots and lots of fun.  My favorite games were stuck in the mud and hide and seek.  

Soon my mum said it was time to go home.  I didn't want to go home but I had to beacause it was getting darker and darker really quickly. 

Finally we went home , ate dinner and went to bed.

I felt happy beacause we played lots of games.

Ways People Speak

My Reflection

I was learning about ways people speak.  I did this task with my best friend Ella.

It was easy to do the task because we already knew some words instead of said.

My next step is to learn more words instead of said.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Swimming Reflection

My Reflection
I was learning to swim.
In swimming  I learnt how to glide,float on my back, kicking and some other cool things.
I didn't actually know how to swim before but now I am a bit better and now I am able to glide and do  arm crawling.
This is actually helping me a lot in swimming.
My next step is learn how to swim even better.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Language Features In Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I am learning about language features in fairy tales.It was hard to find all the words because I didn't know what adjectives and adverbs were.My next step is to learn more about language features in fairy tales. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I am learning about Fractured fairy tales.
It was hard to decide what to write because it was my first time.
My next step is to learn more about fractured fairy tales.

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Weekends

On Sunday it was my sister Anamika's birthday.  She turned 7.

First we had to go get a cake I thought we were going to get it from the cheese cake shop but actually we didn't   instead we got it from countdown.  We got a Chocolate cake with white chocolate on it.  It also said Happy Birthday on it but it didn't have her name on it.

Next we went to the section where it had chips , biscuits , drinks and some other stuff.  We got some chips which were really cheap they were only about like 4 packets of chips for only $5!!

After that we went to the 2 dollar shop and got some  balloons but then SUDDENLY my dad said " we don't need any balloons."

Soon we came back to our house we called our cousin and told her to come to our house for Anamika's birthday.  We also called our neighbors.

Later that day when my cousins came we played lots of games like tag , hide and  seek , Doctors and mums and dads.  We also had some music which we all danced to.  Soon we were going all crazy.

After 1 or 2 hours of dancing when my dad came back from work.  We cut the cake and everybody sang Happy Birthday.  We had Dinner and watched a Indian movie called Hey baby.  It is where three boys  find a baby outside there door and they have to look after it.  My favorite part is when one of the boy gets poo on his face.

Finally it was time for bedtime and my cousins had to go home but the problem was that they didn't have a car and my dad was too tired to drop someone off so they had a sleepover at our house which was really fun because then we could have more time to talk and spend some time together.  In the morning my cousins woke up probably at 5 or 6 o'clock and my dad dropped them off.

I felt happy because my cousins got to have a sleepover at my house.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Weekends

On Sunday I went to Papatoetoe because I had to perform a Indian dance with my two cousins called Anju and Seema and my sister Anamika.  We all  practiced our dance at Sunday school.  

Sunday school is where Indian kids can go if they want to learn more about there culture and want to learn there  language.  We had to practice our dance every Sunday and every day at home after school. 

 When it was the day for us to perform, we had to wear Indian dresses.  My dress was blue , green and a little bit of brown.  We also had to put makeup on.  My mum and my aunty said we all looked beautiful.  

When we reached Papatoetoe we had to wait for 1 hour to have our turn to perform.  

After a while we noticed that we had to perform the whole song, which was a problem because we had only practiced half the song.  When it was our turn to perform, we were so nervous because we had to perform the whole song without any practice. But guess what we made it to the end without making any mistakes! 

At the end everybody was cheering for us and also a news reporter was taking photographs of us.  We were so happy and so proud of ourselves because we had made it to the end without any practices or any mistakes. 

 Later on we were told that an Indian super star was going to come, he's called Raju Shrivastav. When he came I could not believe that he was actually there.  I got to have a high five from him and a handshake.

 While he was saying some funny things because he is a comedian, he asked me a few questions and said I was smart.  Unfortunately the came to an end and we had to go home but my mum said my cousins were allowed to have a  sleepover at our house. 

Image result for raju shrivastav

 I felt proud of myself.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Narrative Writing

My Reflection

 I was learning how to identify the structure of narrative writing. It was a bit hard to put the story in order because some of the story looked the same. My next step is to learn more about narrative writing.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Author Bias

My Reflection

I am learning about author bias.I think it was a bit tricky because I had to ask Mrs Cartwright some question.  Overall I think I learnt something new.My next step is to learn more about Author Bias.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Term 4 Week 3

Athletics Day

Last week on Friday it was athletics day for the senior school and we had it for the whole entire day.  And if you're thinking what athletics day is well , it's where you have different sports and games you have a group and in your group you have to have the same age people as you.I was with my best friend Vikasani  because she is also 9 years old.

First my group went to other games where we played games like  Octopus and a game that was kind of like Dodge ball.  My favorite one was the Octopus game because I love playing tag and that's what the game's about.  All you've got to do is that there are 2 or three people in and there're in the middle everybody else  is standing on the sides.  Then the people who are in have to call out something and if you have that thing you've got to run to the other side and the taggers have got to try to tag you.  So if you get tagged you've got to freeze where you are and wave your arms around like an Octopus and tag people without even moving. 

Next we went to High jump with Mrs Melville.   We had to jump on this big thing that was blue and it was soft too.  After a while Mrs Melville put a line on it you had to  jump over that it was a bit scary. After this we had lunch.

After that we went to soft ball throw with Mr Wright.  We had to throw the ball as far as we could.  In that we also had to get into groups.  There were groups like 1 , 2 , 3 and 4.  AGAIN, me and Vikasani were together.  Later on we did the long jump with Mrs Walker.  In the long jump you've got you try to do the longest jump ever on the sand.  

Finally it was home time and we had to go home.  My favorite part was when  did the long jump.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Character Description

This is Mrs Fat Mouth.
She has red hair , big eyes  and for sure a fat mouth.  She has pretty gold earrings.  
She doesn't talk much  but she's jealous and selfish.  Her hair is as red as blood and eyes as big as golf balls.
She is foolish , angry , spoiled , bad and serious.

Character Writing

My Reflection

I was learning to write a character description of my Grandparent.

It was hard to do a metaphor about your grandparent.

My next step is to learn more about metaphors.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Last week on Friday it was fantastic Friday.  Only the year 4's , 5's and 6's got to do it.  You were put into groups like :  African bead work , Bollywood dancing  , Glee , cool science , vintage games and maybe some other games.  I am in the Bollywood dance group.  In that you have got to  dance to a song called  Jai Ho.  I have  lots  of  people  in  my group.  Some of  them  are  my  best friends  like  Vikasni , Rhea   , Debora , melaniah and some  other friends.  Before when Mrs Melville said that I was in the Bollywood  dance  group  I was so sad but now I'm happy that I'm in that group because we might be having shared lunch and maybe in shared lunch we might have Indian food.  which I am so exited about because I am Indian and I love eating Indian food and when we were practicing we had lots of funny moves but at the end I told everybody a move which you would call a classic Indian move.  Everybody loved my move so we added that to all our moves.  We used my move at the end where it says Aja , Aja , Aja.  It was a bit funny though.  Finally when it was time to go to our classes we heard that we were going to perform in front of the whole school in 5 WEEKS!!  When we got back to our classes we told our other friends that we were going to perform that dance in front of the whole school and as soon as we told them that they started to crowd us and told us to show our dance to them.  So we had to show them and that's how my fantastic Friday ended.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fact Or Opinion Follow Up

My Reflection

I am learning to find a fact or an  opinion. 
It was hard to do the one at the end of the question at the beginning.
Overall I thought  it was super fun and super amazing.
My next step is to find out more about a fact and an opinion.  

Friday, 16 October 2015

Fact Finding In Nonfiction Texts

My Reflection 

I was learning to use the 5W questions to help me find the main ideas in the articles.  I used this information to write a summaries of the articles.
It was easy to do this follow up because sometimes I used my inferring skills.My next step is to do more of this learning.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Holidays

Image result for rainbow end kidz kingdomIn the holidays I went to Rainbow's End with my family because my dad was free from his job for some hours.  It was my first time going to Rainbow's End.  I was really exited to go inside.

First we parked our car but it took ages for us to find a parking because their were lots of people there.

Next we went to a place where you  get your tickets.  We saw my dad's boss who gave us two tickets for me and my sister called Anamika for free because my dad's boss only has three people in his family and he had five tickets so he gave us two of them. I also got a stamp on my hand that said kids kingdom pass.

When we went inside I saw two characters called Rai and Bow.  We took a big family photo with them and then went inside kids kingdom.

After we went inside kids kingdom we went on some rides.  First we went on this flying ride where you've got to paddle to go higher.  I was sitting on a yellow one with my sister Anamika.  Next we went on this train roller coaster with our dad it was a bit  scary.  We kept on screaming whenever we went on the fast bit.  I felt like I was about to fall because I was sitting alone in the first seat near my dad.  After that we went on the merry go round.  It was going as slow as a snail.

Finally we had to go home because my dad had to go to work but he promised me , my sisters and my brother that we would go to Rainbow's End again and stay there for longer.  I felt so happy because it was my first time at Rainbow's End.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

R28/29 Extending Knowledge Kensuke's Kingdom

My Reflection

I am learning to use a dictionary  find words for Kensuke's  Kingdom inference.
It was easy to find out what the words mean because I used
My next step is to do use dictionaries

Friday, 18 September 2015

Term 3 Week 9

Year 4 Speeches

Yesterday it was the speech finals and me and my classmates got chosen for the speech finals.  We had to practice a lot  because if we didn't practice we would have tumble over our words or we could forget everything and that would be a little bit embarrassing.  I had to take my speech home and practice a lot all evening.  The next day after morning tea our whole class went to the auditorium to support us.The judges were Mrs Johnson and Mrs Hughes.  My speech was about why people shouldn't  smoke.  First it was my friend Georgia's turn from our class  her speech was about Indian Ring necks.  She said her speech without even looking at her Que cards.  A boy  from our class too wrote his speech about his little brother Jefferson.  His speech was really funny in some parts of his speech.  When it was my turn I was a bit nervous from inside but then I was alright.  My mum was also there to support me with my baby sister.  She is two years old and she is so cute.  she was laughing and smiling whenever I looked at her.  The winner from our class was Hudson.

My Reflection 

It was quite hard to say my speech in front of lots of people.

It was a little bit easy to remember my speech.

Overall I thought it was fun and I wish we get to do this again. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom

My Reflection

I was learning how to use my prior experiences to relate to the characters. I had to imagine I was one of the characters in the story. This helped me understand the book better because it made me learn more about the character and how they were felling. It was easy to find questions from the link about someone going missing. It was hard to think of some questions.  My next step is to keep trying to make connections when I'm reading.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Geometry 3D Shapes

My Reflection

I am learning about Geometry.
It was hard to name some 3D shapes.
It was easy to find out what there names were and how many faces , vertices and  edges there were because there were other learning sites to help me you.
My next step is to learn more about Geometry.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4

My Reflection

It was easy to tell where Michael and his family went because I kept looking on the map that I did with Mrs Graham and some of my other classmates.
My next step is to do more of Kensuke's Kingdom. :

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Term 3 Week 6

Youth town

Today me and my class went to Youth town.  

First we all said good morning to 3 people called MegaTron , Crag and Brody. 

 Next Brody told us to sit behind  a hockey stick and gave us some instructions He told us how to hold a hockey stick.  First you have to hold the top of the hockey stick with your left hand and.  Then you hold the hockey stick with your right hand  just  below your left hand .  First it was a bit hard for me to hold the hockey stick properly but then I got it.   

After a while we played some  games  to teach us how to play hockey and what it's about.  We were having so much fun.  My favorite game was where we had to hit each others ball out of the space.

Finally it was time to go.  We had to clap when brody said '' 1 2 3 CLAP'' and then we went back to our class. 

                                                                          Image result for youth town

Friday, 14 August 2015

How To Make Clay Windchimes

My Reflection

I was learning to write a clear explanation for an audience.
It was hard to add more details because I couldn't remember all the steps we had to do to make clay wind chimes. 
My  Next step is to learn more about explanation writing and clay wind chimes.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapeter 2

My Reflection

I was learning how to use diagrams and labels to understand and interpret information.  We had to research facts about one of the animals that Michael and his family saw.  I chose the Dolphin because I wanted to learn more about Dolphins. It was easy to find the information I needed because I researched about the animal I was writing about. My next step is to learn more about diagrams and labels to understand interpret information.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How To Make A Milkshake

My Reflection

I have been learning  to write a simple exaplanation.  First  I did a brainstorm about my topic then I wrote my exaplanation.  I found this easy  because of the  writing frame. My next step is to learn more about  exaplanation writing.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Learning About Explanation Writing

My Reflection

I have been learning about Explanation Writing.  I know that Explanation Writing tells about how something works. I found the quiz  easy because it has some clues between the text.
My next step is to write my own Explanation.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Term 3 Week 2

Yesterday all the year 4's , 5's and 6's did cross country.  Some kids were really exited.

First Mrs Howard gave us all instructions at the shade area.  She sent all the year 6 and 5 kids first.  Mrs Howard and Mrs M timed room 28/29.  We went really far.  I was so tired.  I was running with my friend Ella.

Then when my friend Ella was gone I saw a girl from my class called Charlotte.   She was tired too like me.  So  we both decided to run together.  We also saw  some teachers on the way too.

After a while we both started to walk and then we started to walk.   We did that again and again until we saw the next teacher.

 Finally it finished but some kids kept going and had another run.  When room 28 and room 29 came back Mrs M wrote down our time.  While that was happening I went to have drink with Charlotte and then sat with my friend Ella.

 I felt really tired but overall I thought it was a GREAT DAY!!  I am looking forward to do much more better in cross country next time.

My Reflection

It was Tricky to run without water. My favourite part was when we went over the bridge.Did you know that cross country is the only sport that has true  national championship.

Image result for cross country

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


  My Reflection

In room 28/29 we are learning about fractions.A fair share is when something is equal.  Equal means when something is the same size. A fraction has three parts called the: Numerator, Vinculum  and Denominator.  The numerator shows how many parts we have.  The denominator shows how many parts the whole is divided into.  It is so much fun to learn fractions!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tree Planting

Today me and my whole class went to plant trees.  I was so excited.  We went behind the field to plant the trees.

First we had to get into groups of two.  I was with Emma S.

Then we had to get a shovel.  There were black and orange shovels.  We chose a black shovel.  We both had turns digging.  We had to plant our trees on the slope by the fence.  There were three people  helping everybody called Anna, Paul and Carl.  We had to put a round blue thing called fertilizer pellet before we put the plant in because it helps the plant grow taller and faster.  When I Emma and I were planting we saw a big fat wriggly worm.  We got so scared.  We called paul and he took the worm in his hand and then went away. Mrs M and Teryn were taking photos.  There were plants like toi toi, flax and cabbage tree.

Finally it was time to go.  We washed our hands  and went to class to get changed because we had to wear something else so we don't get our uniform dirty.  My shoes were really muddy so I took them off.

I felt tired because we had to work really hard to plant the trees.  Overall I thought that it was a BRILLIANT day. My favourite part was when we had to dig.  I am looking forward to doing this again.
My Reflection

I was learning to add detail to my story to give the reader more information.  
I also used  some adjectives to discribe things.
I added my thoughts about the day.  My next step is to add some wow words.

Learning Poster

My Reflection

I chose this background because it matches with my quote.
It was really tricky to choose a background because there were lots of good backgrounds to choose from.
It was easy to choose a quote because  it had the same quote again and again so that means it was a good quote.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Place Value

I was learning to read numbers up to 100 and to say which is bigger or smaller.
It was hard to know which number is smaller and which is bigger.

Term 1 week 6

This week I enjoyed doing my pepeha Art My favouraite  Part was when I had to colour It in.  It  was fun.  First I had to draw my pictures  and then go over with vivid and finally we had to......COLOUR It.This is my pepeha ART!!

Comparing Characters To My Friends

My Reflection

I was learning to find character traits.
The easiest part was when I did the physical traits and talked about it.
The hardest part was when I was doing the social traits because I couldn't find much information.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

Matariki Rotaion

Last week the whole school did the Matariki rotation.  First the teachers had to tell us which group we were in. When the teachers told us which group we were  in  we went outside to find our groups.  I was with Eileen and Abimbola.

 Then  Mrs Mellivel told us where to go so me and my big group went where we were told to go.

Next  we went to room 4 and we made kites it was super fun.  I made a blue kite. The kites  were made out of paper.  I also tied a purple string but it was short.  When we finished making our kites we went outside and had a go at flying our kites.  We had some time left so we read  2  books .

After that we went to room 9 and we did colouring.  The room was messy becuse the other group that was in there did'nt  tidy it up so me and Abimbola cleaned it up.  We had to colour the 7 stars in Matariki.  I don't like colouring that much.

Later we went to a diffrent classroom and we  drew things about Matariki on a hand .   The rotation was called New Bigining maybe.   We also  had to colour it but Mrs Hodge said we can't use the colour red or pink because they don't look good.

Finally it was time to go back to class.  When me ,  Abimbola and Eileen got back to class the class shared what they did everybody looked happy.

I felt  tired because we had to got to 3 classrooms and do lots of  things.
I hope we get to this again next year.

Image result for Matariki

These are the names of the 7 stars

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9

This week we got a new task to do and it is called colour poem it is really fun to do because we use similes and metophors.  I am woring with my friends Ella and Emma.  Emma is new to our class so me  and Ella are helping her.  We learnt that the diffrence between metophores and similes is that when you use similes they have 'as' or  'like' and metophores you only use 'is'.

My Speech Planing

My Reflection:

I am learning about speeches.
It was easy to find facts about Why People Should  Not Smoke.
It was hard to decide what to write about.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Term 2 Week 8

On tuesday me and the Year 4's went to our last session of bike skills.  We got to ride all around the field but it  was muddy,  a bit slippery  and  bumpy.  The people who shared last time got to have there own bikes it was fun. Before we started going around the field we got a push from Keri to give us a good start.  After a while it was time to go but before that we got our passports and our certificates.

Friday, 5 June 2015


My Reflection:

I am learning about paragraphs.

It was easy because when I went to the workshop for paragraphs  with Mrs Mellvile so it was easy for me to know when to use paragraphs.


My Reflection:

I am learning about inferencing.  Inferencing is when you are reading between the lines.
It was a bit hard to read between the lines beacause sometimes it did'nt really have much information. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7

Image result for be braveLast week my class and me did a song of the week.  The song was called the fight maybe.  I think  it was about not giving up and keep going even if you can't do it.

  It was also maybe about fighting for yourself and your family and friends.

  I really enjoyed the song it made me feel brave.

  I think everybody should be brave cause if you're not brave then you don't have courage to do it.

B-e brave 

R-each your goal

A- man can do any thing if he's brave

V-ote for braveness

E-agles are always brave