Friday, 26 February 2016

WALT use the structure of a recount

Going To Vikasni’s   House!!!

In the weekends on a sunny Saturday morning  I went to my best friend Vikasni’s house.

 First Her mum came to pick me up at 10:50.  Vikasni and I were  so…... excited.

Next When we reached Vikasni’s big house. Vikasni gave me a tour of her whole house and introduced me to all of her
family members and her cute little bird Ivy.

After that we sat down and played with Ivy for a while.  I patted him and he got scared and so did I but then we Both got use to each other.

Soon we watched Vikasni’s favourite TV show called Winx.  While we were watching Winx Vikasni’s mum gave us some delicious butter flavored popcorn which we really enjoyed.  She also gave us some fish fingers and some hash browns which we actually didn't eat.

Then we played Skylanders on Vikasni’s cool Xbox.  I kept on changing my characters.  We also paused the game and went to get some delicious watermelon green and white bubble gum.  We also played sport games on Vikasni’s Xbox.  The games were like soccer, volleyball, table tennis and some other game which I really loved.  It really got me sweaty.

Later on we both did some colouring ,in a monkey.  It was really fun.  I finished my colouring before Vikasni.  I was really happy.

Lastly we both went into Vikasni’s room.  It was very pretty.  We watched some videos and also listened to some songs that we loved.

Unfortunately it was time to go home.  I grabbed my chromebook and  Vikasni grabbed us some crispy biscuits that we ate on the way to my house.  When we reached our house Vikasni came inside my house and I showed her my whole house.  It was time for  Vikasni to go.  I felt happy.


Friday, 19 February 2016

Maths Word Problems

Maths Word Problems

WALT: find the key info in a question.

Kimberly bought stamps at the post office. Some of the stamps had a snowflake design, some had a truck design, and some had a rose design. Kimberly bought 3 snowflake stamps. She bought 5 more truck stamps than snowflake stamps, and 6 fewer rose stamps than truck stamps. How many stamps did Kimberly buy in all ?

My Reflection:

Image result for mathsIt was easy to find the key info because I looked for the main words in the question.  It was kind of tricky to find a way for showing how I figured it out but then I got it.  The way I figured it out was I added 8+2+3=13.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Welcome Post 2016

Welcome to my  year 5 learning blog for 2016.  This year I am in room 25.  My teacher is Miss Fisher.  I enjoy learning and reading books.  My goal this year is to make lots of friends and learn something new.  I am looking forward to doing lots of new learning.  I hope you enjoy my learning blog for 2016 and leave some feedback for me.