Wednesday, 25 November 2015

End Of Year Refletion

My Reflection

  • This year I learned how to link.
  • An important decision I made this year was to complete my goal
  • One goal I accomplished this year was making more friends
  • This year I tried to be a better person by helping others.
  • My favorite memory from this year was when I went to Motat with my class.
  • The funniest thing that happened this year was when a boy in my class did funny things.

The Best thing

My Reflection

This is the best thing I enjoyed this year.
I really loved the book fair because I love reading.
Last time there was a book fair, and I got to get a book called All you need to know about space.

Letter To My Next Year's Teacher

My Reflection

This is a letter to my next year's teacher.

I don't actually know her name but I still have written the letter.

I hope I do SDL leaning in her class.

I hope I am with my friend ellla in my next year's class

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Teachers

My Reflection

In this class I have 2 lovely and beautiful teachers who always support me and my other class mates.  

They are he best teachers ever.  

If you are in there class next year then be sure to be kind to them like they are to you.

Things I Did This Year

My Reflection

This year in room 28/29 I did lots of fun stuff things with my lovely fun teachers  called Mrs Melville and Mrs Graham.  

I enjoyed doing all these stuff. 

 I hope that I'm in this class next year because this class does lots and lots of fun stuff and also you get to do SDL learning.

How To Make A Milkshake

Probability With Yatzee

My Reflection 

I am learning about Probability.
It was easy to play the game called Yahtzee because Mrs Melville told me and the other kids how to play the game.
It was hard to answer the question because I don't know much about Probability. 
My next step is to do more work on Probabilty.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I was learning about fractured fairy tales.
It was easy to come up with a story to write.
It was hard to add detail.
My next step is to add more detail.

My Weekends

My Weekends

In the weekends I went to the park, with my mum , my sisters and my brother.  My aunty who lives next door to us came with her two sons too.  We have a park near our house so we can go there any time we want to.  My mum doesn't let me go by myself because she says that " you always need to have an adult with you. 

First my aunty gave all of the kids juices which were  really yummy.  I got a red one.  It was my favorite flavor.  I also got to have two.

Next we went on the swings there were only four swings and we were 6 people so my baby sister and I got of and my cousin and my baby brother sat on the swings.

Then we went on the slide.  We all wanted to go at the same time but there wasn't t much space, so we all went one bye one.  When it was my turn to go down the slide I got ready for my turn when suddenly my mum said, ''take your brother with you'' so I went with my baby brother because he is only one and he is scared of going down the slide alone.

After that we all  went on the seesaw but I didn't, because it's kind of like  for  babies.  So only my 2 sisters and my cousins went on it.  I went on the flying fox it's my favorite thing at the park.  I can do it with one hand.

Later on we all played some games together like soccer , tag , stuck in the mud , hide an seek and a few other games we had lots and lots of fun.  My favorite games were stuck in the mud and hide and seek.  

Soon my mum said it was time to go home.  I didn't want to go home but I had to beacause it was getting darker and darker really quickly. 

Finally we went home , ate dinner and went to bed.

I felt happy beacause we played lots of games.

Ways People Speak

My Reflection

I was learning about ways people speak.  I did this task with my best friend Ella.

It was easy to do the task because we already knew some words instead of said.

My next step is to learn more words instead of said.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Swimming Reflection

My Reflection
I was learning to swim.
In swimming  I learnt how to glide,float on my back, kicking and some other cool things.
I didn't actually know how to swim before but now I am a bit better and now I am able to glide and do  arm crawling.
This is actually helping me a lot in swimming.
My next step is learn how to swim even better.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Language Features In Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I am learning about language features in fairy tales.It was hard to find all the words because I didn't know what adjectives and adverbs were.My next step is to learn more about language features in fairy tales. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tales

My Reflection

I am learning about Fractured fairy tales.
It was hard to decide what to write because it was my first time.
My next step is to learn more about fractured fairy tales.

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Weekends

On Sunday it was my sister Anamika's birthday.  She turned 7.

First we had to go get a cake I thought we were going to get it from the cheese cake shop but actually we didn't   instead we got it from countdown.  We got a Chocolate cake with white chocolate on it.  It also said Happy Birthday on it but it didn't have her name on it.

Next we went to the section where it had chips , biscuits , drinks and some other stuff.  We got some chips which were really cheap they were only about like 4 packets of chips for only $5!!

After that we went to the 2 dollar shop and got some  balloons but then SUDDENLY my dad said " we don't need any balloons."

Soon we came back to our house we called our cousin and told her to come to our house for Anamika's birthday.  We also called our neighbors.

Later that day when my cousins came we played lots of games like tag , hide and  seek , Doctors and mums and dads.  We also had some music which we all danced to.  Soon we were going all crazy.

After 1 or 2 hours of dancing when my dad came back from work.  We cut the cake and everybody sang Happy Birthday.  We had Dinner and watched a Indian movie called Hey baby.  It is where three boys  find a baby outside there door and they have to look after it.  My favorite part is when one of the boy gets poo on his face.

Finally it was time for bedtime and my cousins had to go home but the problem was that they didn't have a car and my dad was too tired to drop someone off so they had a sleepover at our house which was really fun because then we could have more time to talk and spend some time together.  In the morning my cousins woke up probably at 5 or 6 o'clock and my dad dropped them off.

I felt happy because my cousins got to have a sleepover at my house.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Weekends

On Sunday I went to Papatoetoe because I had to perform a Indian dance with my two cousins called Anju and Seema and my sister Anamika.  We all  practiced our dance at Sunday school.  

Sunday school is where Indian kids can go if they want to learn more about there culture and want to learn there  language.  We had to practice our dance every Sunday and every day at home after school. 

 When it was the day for us to perform, we had to wear Indian dresses.  My dress was blue , green and a little bit of brown.  We also had to put makeup on.  My mum and my aunty said we all looked beautiful.  

When we reached Papatoetoe we had to wait for 1 hour to have our turn to perform.  

After a while we noticed that we had to perform the whole song, which was a problem because we had only practiced half the song.  When it was our turn to perform, we were so nervous because we had to perform the whole song without any practice. But guess what we made it to the end without making any mistakes! 

At the end everybody was cheering for us and also a news reporter was taking photographs of us.  We were so happy and so proud of ourselves because we had made it to the end without any practices or any mistakes. 

 Later on we were told that an Indian super star was going to come, he's called Raju Shrivastav. When he came I could not believe that he was actually there.  I got to have a high five from him and a handshake.

 While he was saying some funny things because he is a comedian, he asked me a few questions and said I was smart.  Unfortunately the came to an end and we had to go home but my mum said my cousins were allowed to have a  sleepover at our house. 

Image result for raju shrivastav

 I felt proud of myself.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Narrative Writing

My Reflection

 I was learning how to identify the structure of narrative writing. It was a bit hard to put the story in order because some of the story looked the same. My next step is to learn more about narrative writing.