Monday, 12 September 2016


I had to make a slide show showing how to do either addition,subtraction,multiplication or division.  I did a addition strategy with my buddy.

My reflection:
it was easy to write what rounding and compensating was because  I had some knowledge from last year when I was in year 4.
I am most proud of my explanation.

100 Word Challenge

I had to write a story using only hundred words.  In this slide there are two stories.

My reflection:
It was a bit hard to write exactly hundred words.  I had to add words and take away words.
I am most proud of all the work I have done.


I had to write what I knew about the kite that I was writing about.  I had to write who and when the kite was made.

My Reflection:
It was hard to find out who made the kite but eventually I knew who made it.
I am most proud of all the research I did.