Monday, 30 May 2016

The Running Man

At school we had to write a 100 word challenge where you have to make up a story with the prompt that your teacher gives you but you have to remember to use 100 words only.  That's why it's called the hundred word challenge.

My Reflection:

It was easy to think of the story because the man was running and a few days ago there was this video released called the running man challenge so that's why I named it that. I had to write what the man could hear , smell and feel.  I also had to write what the dog was thinking about.Now I plan to do a better one with more interesting words or sentences like a simile. "The dog was running as fast as a racing car". 

The Dog

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Character Inference Chart

My Reflection:

It was easy to write the facts and the other things about 'Mr Grim' because I had the book close to me so whenever I needed any help I would just check the book. 

  My next step is to do better and try much more harder next time. 

 I am most proud of my facts and actions because I had lots of good ideas.

 I think it was hard to do the ´Getting inside the characters head because I couldn't think of more ideas.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Clyde's Leopard

My Reflection:

I was easy to write what the words mean because I was allowed to use the dictionary.  There were some words that I knew what they meant and I didn't have to use the dictionary.  It was hard to think of 'why' it happens but then I got the help from the book and found out.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

100 Word Challenge

My Reflection:
It was easy to think of a story because I had done this before and had some knowledge and ideas from then but now I am much more better. The prompt had a forest which led to somewhere special and I had to decide where it led to. I also had to write what I could hear , how it felt and what I could see. I have total 100 WORDS!!!! My one leads to....