Friday, 30 October 2015

Author Bias

My Reflection

I am learning about author bias.I think it was a bit tricky because I had to ask Mrs Cartwright some question.  Overall I think I learnt something new.My next step is to learn more about Author Bias.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Term 4 Week 3

Athletics Day

Last week on Friday it was athletics day for the senior school and we had it for the whole entire day.  And if you're thinking what athletics day is well , it's where you have different sports and games you have a group and in your group you have to have the same age people as you.I was with my best friend Vikasani  because she is also 9 years old.

First my group went to other games where we played games like  Octopus and a game that was kind of like Dodge ball.  My favorite one was the Octopus game because I love playing tag and that's what the game's about.  All you've got to do is that there are 2 or three people in and there're in the middle everybody else  is standing on the sides.  Then the people who are in have to call out something and if you have that thing you've got to run to the other side and the taggers have got to try to tag you.  So if you get tagged you've got to freeze where you are and wave your arms around like an Octopus and tag people without even moving. 

Next we went to High jump with Mrs Melville.   We had to jump on this big thing that was blue and it was soft too.  After a while Mrs Melville put a line on it you had to  jump over that it was a bit scary. After this we had lunch.

After that we went to soft ball throw with Mr Wright.  We had to throw the ball as far as we could.  In that we also had to get into groups.  There were groups like 1 , 2 , 3 and 4.  AGAIN, me and Vikasani were together.  Later on we did the long jump with Mrs Walker.  In the long jump you've got you try to do the longest jump ever on the sand.  

Finally it was home time and we had to go home.  My favorite part was when  did the long jump.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Character Description

This is Mrs Fat Mouth.
She has red hair , big eyes  and for sure a fat mouth.  She has pretty gold earrings.  
She doesn't talk much  but she's jealous and selfish.  Her hair is as red as blood and eyes as big as golf balls.
She is foolish , angry , spoiled , bad and serious.

Character Writing

My Reflection

I was learning to write a character description of my Grandparent.

It was hard to do a metaphor about your grandparent.

My next step is to learn more about metaphors.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Last week on Friday it was fantastic Friday.  Only the year 4's , 5's and 6's got to do it.  You were put into groups like :  African bead work , Bollywood dancing  , Glee , cool science , vintage games and maybe some other games.  I am in the Bollywood dance group.  In that you have got to  dance to a song called  Jai Ho.  I have  lots  of  people  in  my group.  Some of  them  are  my  best friends  like  Vikasni , Rhea   , Debora , melaniah and some  other friends.  Before when Mrs Melville said that I was in the Bollywood  dance  group  I was so sad but now I'm happy that I'm in that group because we might be having shared lunch and maybe in shared lunch we might have Indian food.  which I am so exited about because I am Indian and I love eating Indian food and when we were practicing we had lots of funny moves but at the end I told everybody a move which you would call a classic Indian move.  Everybody loved my move so we added that to all our moves.  We used my move at the end where it says Aja , Aja , Aja.  It was a bit funny though.  Finally when it was time to go to our classes we heard that we were going to perform in front of the whole school in 5 WEEKS!!  When we got back to our classes we told our other friends that we were going to perform that dance in front of the whole school and as soon as we told them that they started to crowd us and told us to show our dance to them.  So we had to show them and that's how my fantastic Friday ended.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fact Or Opinion Follow Up

My Reflection

I am learning to find a fact or an  opinion. 
It was hard to do the one at the end of the question at the beginning.
Overall I thought  it was super fun and super amazing.
My next step is to find out more about a fact and an opinion.  

Friday, 16 October 2015

Fact Finding In Nonfiction Texts

My Reflection 

I was learning to use the 5W questions to help me find the main ideas in the articles.  I used this information to write a summaries of the articles.
It was easy to do this follow up because sometimes I used my inferring skills.My next step is to do more of this learning.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Holidays

Image result for rainbow end kidz kingdomIn the holidays I went to Rainbow's End with my family because my dad was free from his job for some hours.  It was my first time going to Rainbow's End.  I was really exited to go inside.

First we parked our car but it took ages for us to find a parking because their were lots of people there.

Next we went to a place where you  get your tickets.  We saw my dad's boss who gave us two tickets for me and my sister called Anamika for free because my dad's boss only has three people in his family and he had five tickets so he gave us two of them. I also got a stamp on my hand that said kids kingdom pass.

When we went inside I saw two characters called Rai and Bow.  We took a big family photo with them and then went inside kids kingdom.

After we went inside kids kingdom we went on some rides.  First we went on this flying ride where you've got to paddle to go higher.  I was sitting on a yellow one with my sister Anamika.  Next we went on this train roller coaster with our dad it was a bit  scary.  We kept on screaming whenever we went on the fast bit.  I felt like I was about to fall because I was sitting alone in the first seat near my dad.  After that we went on the merry go round.  It was going as slow as a snail.

Finally we had to go home because my dad had to go to work but he promised me , my sisters and my brother that we would go to Rainbow's End again and stay there for longer.  I felt so happy because it was my first time at Rainbow's End.