Thursday, 3 December 2015

Maths Challenge

My Reflection

This is my maths challenge that I did with my best friends Nadia and Ella.
It was really hard because we couldn't find a way to solve the problems but at the end we got it.
My next step is to solve harder problems than this.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Weekends

In the weekends I went swimming with my whole family because it was so sunny and hot.

First we went to the receptionist and told her that only me, my sister Anamika and my baby sister Aaradhna were going to swim.  I was so exited.  My baby sister Aaradhna had to get a swimming nappy.

Next we went to the female changing room with our mum.  First I couldn't find my togs and I had to look through my whole bag.  It turned out that my togs were inside my towel which I didn't see.

Then we went out and told our dad that we were changed.  He said we could go in the pools now.

Soon were inside the pool.  Anamika and Aaradhna went in the baby pool and I went in the big pool.  It was a bit cold  but I could manage it.

Later on I called my dad and watch me.  I showed him a few tricks.  He said they were really cool and took some photographs of me doing some tricks in the swimming pool.

Finally my dad said we needed to go home cause we had to have lunch at home.  I got changed and asked my dad if I could have a ice cream and he said yes.  I felt happy and fresh.